Is it time to sell your Exotic Car ?

If you have an exotic car or collection of exotics in the Los Angeles, Orange County, Sonoma, or San Francisco area consider selling your exotic through Left Coast Exotics.


3 ingredients for a successful sale:

1 PROFESSIONAL MARKETING: We use as many as 200-400 professional photos to aide in selling your exotic car as well as walk-around and virtual test-drive video footage. This proactive, artistic approach allows us to sell your exotic worldwide in no time to a customer who can vividly SEE and hear what he is buying from afar! After the sale, you will get these movies & magazine quality photos as a keepsake!

2 TRUST: Left Coast Classics, LLC is a licensed dealer in the state of California and has an impeccable reputation selling classic and exotic cars. Worldwide buyers are comfortable doing transactions with us. We have a 100% positive feedback rating on eBay which makes long-distance buyers especially comfortable buying from us. We also have a huge network of worldwide buyers ready to buy right away!

3 PRICE: We will work with you to put the correct and fair price on your exotic by researching the market with comparative sales pricing.


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